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The Team

Our experienced recording engineers and producers can show you how to improve your skills and better the quality of your sound, through detail-oriented involvement on all your projects.

Harjeet Pabla

Senior Audio Engineer, Producer

Specialty Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB

Toronto based Hip-Hop Producer and Recording Artist, Harjeet Pabla aka “PunisherSOUND” arms himself with a multicultural and diverse approach to his music. His ability to mesh sounds from different genres and styles of music allows him to constantly produce high quality production masterpieces. Trained in the recording arts, his understanding of sound is exceptional, thus allowing his creations and productions to truly be one of a kind. Harjeet Pabla has been producing hard, heavy-hitting instrumentals, uncanny productions, and commercially viable records since 2005.
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Bradley McClure

Senior Audio Engineer, Producer

Specialty Genres: Folk, Rock, Pop

Bradley is an award-winning producer and audio engineer based out of Toronto. His commercial projects involve working with high profile clients such as Nike, Nestle, Casey House and many more. His emotional influences are apparent in his work with indie bands including Kind of Like Spitting, Big Thief, Frankie Cosmos, and Pinegrove, which when matched with his talent of Pop songwriting, bring forward a very unique style of music that can be enjoyed by every demographic. With deep meaningful lyrics, great instrument tones, and catchy hooks, Bradley’s unique style will bring the best out of your music.

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Dylan Piercey

Audio Engineer, Musician

Specialty Genres: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel

Born and raised on the lively East Coast, Dylan was introduced to the world of sound at a very young age. He has been devoted ever since, developing into an advanced session drummer and audio engineer. Dylan attended Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), graduating top of his class in 2015. Since then, he has been playing full time in established rock band, ‘Uforia’ and working behind the scenes on many different productions around town. He thrives when working on Rock, Jazz/Blues, and Gospel music. Dylan’s musical technique combined with his hands-on recording experience gives him the capability to elevate your next project to new heights.

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Michael Hammer

Producer, Songwriter

Specialty Genres: Rock, Pop, RnB, EDM

Michael Hammer is a songwriter and music producer working primarily within the Pop and RnB genres. Growing up in Norway, he found his passion for music playing in rock and punk bands while studying music theory, jazz guitar and songwriting. He eventually stepped down from the stage and into the studio to focus on songwriting and music production. Moving to Toronto in 2016, he is currently working with international and local talent.

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Victoria Christine

Producer, Songwriter

Specialty Genres: RnB, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock

Victoria Christine, aka Sh3 (pronounced She), is a singer, songwriter and producer specializing in popular music including R&B, hip hop, EDM, singer/songwriter, rock and many more. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Music degree from York University, she began writing professionally in Toronto’s thriving hip hop music scene including artists affiliated with Drake’s OVO. She has worked with Preme (f.k.a. P Reign), Yo Gotti, Kim Davis, Nawlage, With Lions, Eddie Kramer among others.

Her versatility and openness to all genres has allowed her to understand what makes a genre great, fusing elements of other genres into her own unique sound. Her influences are without boundaries, ranging from pop-punk, to avant-garde, to gospel and everything in between.

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Jonathan Colalillo

Studio Manager, Producer

Specialty Genres: Pop, RnB, Rock

Jonathan is a singer/songwriter, vocal producer, and musician who has worked alongside multi-award-winning artists and brands. He has managed projects and participated in partnerships with major companies and talents alike, including with Sony and Universal Music, Warner, NBC Universal. A true supporter of the arts, he aims to elevate and foster the growth and development of both individuals and companies in the entertainment industry, investing his time and energy in bettering the people around him. That is when he’s not belting his heart out for someones next big song or jingle.
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Chris Meloff

Assistant Manager, Junior Engineer

Specialty Genres: Hip-Hop, Blues

Chris is a Toronto native with a passion for all things music. His favourite genres are Hip Hop and the Blues. While completing his degree at Ryerson University in Radio and Television Production, he serves part time as an Assistant Engineer and Assitant manager to our facilities.
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Studio Facilities

Experience our new recording studio, a comfortable professionally treated environment. We have two floors of studio space to suit your needs and a client lounge where you can have a snack, play video games, and just chill between sessions.

Studio Map

Click on each of the rooms of our studio to discover more.

Studio Map
ReceptionStudio A Isolation BoothStudio A Live RoomStudio A Control RoomClient LoungeStudio B Live RoomStudio B Control Room


The first place you'll see when you enter our studio. Welcome.

Easy loading from Eglinton Ave. West with direct access to the ground floor live room for Studio A.

Studio A Isolation Booth

U87 in an isolation booth with acoustic guitar in the background

A comfy and intimate space for you to record your vocals in complete privacy. Our isolation booth offers a view of the Studio A live room floor, for ultimate coordination with your instrumentalist or band mates.

Studio A Live Room

live room in studio A at MH Studios Toronto

Our fully treated live room provides you with the perfect environment for all your recording needs. Intimate enough for vocalists, yet large enough for a band to rock out. A window to the isolation booth allows for direct coordination with a separate instrument or vocalist. A drum kit is available.

Studio A Control Room

control room, showing acoustic panels, speakers and producers island

Our modern control room provides a direct line of site to the isolation booth and full view of the live room floor. Hang at the producers counter to listen in and collaborate during your session. Video for ADR and voice-overs can be projected on our large drop down projector.

Client Lounge

lounge in recording studio on the lower floor

Chill in our lounge or take a rest between sessions. The lounge offers a place to eat, work, or play while you wait. Complimentary wireless Internet is available.

Studio B Live Room

medium sized live room with acoustic panels, guitars, drums, and amps

This intimate live room is located in our basement Studio B. The space is fully treated and equipped with a drum kit.

Studio B Control Room

producers studio, with acoustic panels, keyboard, and outboard gear

Our Studio B control room provides you with the quiet and professional space you need to focus on your projects and get down to work.

Gear List

We have just the tools and equipment you need to produce that perfect sound. Some of our gear is listed below.


  • Mac Pro, 16-core, 32G Ram

Audio Interface

  • RME-FireFace UFX


  • ADAM S3X-H
  • Dynaudio BM6A
  • Avatone Pro Mixcubes


  • Yamaha U3 Concert Upright Piano
  • Yamaha Key 88 Fully Weighted
  • Maschine MKIII
  • M-Audio, Axiom 49
  • M-Audio, Oxygen 25
  • Sonar Beech Custom Drums
  • Fender Acoustic PM-1 Dreadnought
  • Fender Telecaster


  • Universal Audio LA-610 MK II
  • Focousrite ISA 424 MK II
  • RME UFX (4)


  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann KM184 (2)
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • AKG 414 MKII (2)
  • AKG D112 MKII
  • Electrovoice RE20
  • Sennheiser 421 (2)
  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Sennhesier G4 (LAV Kit)
  • Shure Sm7B
  • Shure SM57 (3)
  • Shure SM58
  • Apex 515

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)

  • Pro Tools 12
  • FL Studio 12
  • Logic Pro X
  • Cubase 6.5 & 7
  • Ableton Live 8 & 9

Plugins & Libraries

  • Antares Auto-Tune 8
  • Celomony Melodyne Studio
  • Waves Horizon + Renaissance Bundle
  • Waves Studio Classics + NLS Bundle
  • Waves Restoration Bundle
  • Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Bundle
  • Soundtoys Bundle
  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack
  • iZotope Ozone 8
  • iZotope RX 7 Restoration
  • Native Instruments Komplete 12
  • Output Bundle
  • Superior Drummer
  • ReFX Nexus 2
  • ReFX Vanguard
  • u-he Diva
  • Vengeance Sound Library
  • Splice Sound Library

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